Engage, Reward and Retain with Loyalty Card

Collect customer's data to increase your sale profit. Easy to use, Just scan QR Code. Can be applied for online shop and offline shop.

Start Your Own Loyalty Program in Minutes

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OURPOINT is cloud-based customer loyalty card platform that helps businesses build and manage white-label rewards programs for customers.


Connect with LAZADA / SHOPEE to manage data in one place.

3 Steps to use

1. Connect with LAZADA or Shopee

2. Choose order

3. Send points/Stamps and send SMS

ใช้งานร่วมกับ LINE OA


LINE Official Account

ทั้งสะสมแต้ม หรือ แลกสินค้า

ก็ง่าย ไม่ต้องโหลดแอปเพิ่ม

How it works


Go live in minutes

Create beautiful digital stamp/reward cards in minutes. No design skills required. No coding necessary.


Rich Customer Insights

Track key metrics and optimize performance to drive loyalty. Get to know who your most loyal customers are through to further strengthen relationships.


Drive Loyalty & Traffic

Send tantalizing, personalized, provocative messages direct to your customers lock screen. You choose who to target.


No POS needed

Issue stamps & rewards with mobile. Remotely reward customers through the web. Your choice.


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Phone number instead of download application

You don't need to download application. Customers just tell their phone numbers at POS.

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Personalized SMS campaigns

Connect directly with your contacts using targeted SMS messages

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A tagging system is a system that helps segment customers by tag. The shop can divide the customers into groups which will helps admin easier to 1. Special customer care 2. Send SMS Marketing to customers by individual groups by sending by Tags. 3. Segment to send marketing campaigns

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Your Personalized Brand Design

Offer customers loyalty software and services under your brand and on your terms.

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Customer Survey

Customize customer survey template with your target audience. Generate valuable insights from your customers.

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Be data-driven

Create and customize customer field data using the custom field setup

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Detailed loyalty program analytics

Loyalty program results are available on the special dashboard in the interface to conduct tests and optimize settings.

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Collecting points/stamps

Offers a choice of virtual stamp cards or flexible points to implement the program that best suits your business

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The tier of the customer. The shop can grade customers according to the tier of accumulated point or stamp, such as regular customers, Silver customer, Gold customer and Platinum customer.The system can be grade into a maximum of 5 levels and has a reward for each tier as well.

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Choosing a card, stamp your brand.

Customize your Loyalty Cards with dozens of themes, colors, and styles

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Multi-store Management

Manage multiple stores under one account. Track your transaction, report, and customers behaviour - everything you need to know in one place.

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Support your language and worldwide currency

Currently support the following languages: English, Thai. and worldwide currency.


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